Love cherry blossoms

 Today it's 10th March. But I can't feel the approach of spring. It's cold yet.
 The Meteorological Agency says a cherry blossom will bloom around 29th in Tokyo. And it will be in full bloom around 7th April. My daughter comes back from Chicago just that time. I wish the flowering of cherry blossoms is not delayed.
 When she was in Japan, she was young. So she didn't mind although many cherries were around her. I was same her when I was young too. When growing old or leaving Japan, we may notice the beauty of cherry blossoms.

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A new lens

 I use a standard zoom lens of Nikon. It's better than other lens company's one maybe. However it takes neither good nor bad pictures. It's really noncommittal. It doesn't represent my sensibility.
 I had been thinking what lens was good for me for a long time. At last I got a new lens today. I took these pictures by it without using a tripod. They are not pictures I want to take. The first they are out of focus. Something is difference.

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 I took these pictures at Showa Kinen Park the other day. My eyes caught shadows.

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