Be careful to canned bread

 My office is keeping some kinds of emergency provisions. There is canned bread in one of them. The relish period is for five years and the best-before date was October 31, 2010.

 When we pulled the lid up, it made the loud sound and gave a strong smell of alcohol. But everybody didn't say not to eat. Everyone seemed to want to try eating it. Nobody said, "No." So we warmed up it with the microwave, and ate a quarter per person. It was good as emergency foods.

 About thirty minutes later, my face became red, and it upset my stomach. I had to take off a jacket. One of my colleagues recommended measuring my breath. Although it was a joke, I measured with a Breathalyzer. My numbers was 0.1! Other person's were 0! Why am I alone? Of course I didn't drink stealthily!
 And two persons had a little stomachache.

 Over 0.15 is drunken driving. So my numbers wasn't the drunken driving. However when I thought a traffic accident, even if I was a victim, I was not able to think driving. So one of my fellow workers drove me home.

 I don't know whether the quality was bad. Probably the raisins were fermenting in the can for five years. And maybe the breathalyzer was able to measure only mine, since I get drunk very easily.

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