The lonely celebration of childbirth

 Today I-san invited my husband and me to the celebration of his daughter's childbirth. He didn't tell the starting time, so we visited at 1 p.m. for avoiding the lunch time and the dinner time. We didn't want to put him to great expense. The reason is here.

 When we arrived at his house, we said "Hello" in a loud voice as usual. His wife, and his mother came to the entrance. His daughter, the baby and the mother of his son-in-law were in the living room. And he, his son-in-law and the father of his son-in-law were on the second floor. But they didn't come down for a while. At that time we didn't feel comfortable atmosphere. The atmosphere continued till we left from his house.

 Anyway there was not a good atmosphere not only us but also between his family and the family of his son-in-law. They are family, but there was not a conversation between them. Moreover they didn't have even smiling faces. 

 It was bad that we visited? I'm sad very much.

 The baby's name is Ako. The baby is a girl?
 Ako is "亜虎" in kanji. It means an Asian tiger. The baby is a boy that looks like the father very much.
 I thought the name too unconventional. So I couldn't ask anything about the name. My thinking is too old?

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