Be careful about Sunday's accidents

 Last Friday, I visited to my colleague who was hospitalized. He was fine than I thought. However his left hand was dark purple and was badly swollen.

 He was wounded on Sunday. And he was carried to the hospital near his house by an ambulance. But although there was an orthopedist there, there was not a gas passer. So the orthopedist operated on him by local anesthesia. But he couldn't bear it. He needed general anesthesia.

 Therefore a fire station looked for the hospital that had both an orthopedist and a gas passer. But they couldn't find the hospital easily. They could find the hospital by the 37th phone at last. Five hours passed already. He was carried to the hospital by an ambulance again. It took two hours to arrived at the hospital, because of traffic jam. It took seven hours till the operation. It's too long time. He had to have patience for seven hours. If the accident day was not Sunday, there must be hospitals that have both an orthopedist and a gas passer. If he lost consciousness, he should be treated as an emergency lifesaving.

 Anyway a patient shouldn't talk about the sick and the injury to the person of ambulance. Let's talk about them after arriving at the hospital, or else an ambulance may pass through the emergency lifesaving hospital.

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